Dear partners! On the way to the world recognition, the Bitfluence team makes important steps to develop the functional capabilities of the site and improve the investment climate within the company. It was decided to connect the fiat currency such as Perfect money, Advcash and Payeer to accept deposits!

Today, we have connected Perfect Money in the test mode. The feature of investing the fiat currencies in Bitfluence is in the possibility to convert a deposit into cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin or Ethereum. You can learn more about the principle of work in the Personal account by selecting the FIAT (New option) tab.

Bitfluence financial services got wide support in Japan. To facilitate acquaintance with the investment instruments of the company partners from the Land of the Rising Sun, it was decided to translate the site into Japanese. We closely follow the development of the company in different countries of the world and will add new language versions as necessary or on requests of our active partners.

The option of changing the affiliate link to your discretion is added to the personal account (for example, you can use your login or the name of your advertising resource).

This innovation allows your potential partners to identify you online.

We are glad to announce the launch of a new online platform on the bitcoin trading exchange.

We are offering our partners with a user-friendly and accessible interface, as well as attractive tools for earning. By joining us right now, you will secure guaranteed stable income via dividends from your investment in Bitfluence.

Our close-knit team features highly skilled traders, who know their worth and how to achieve the desired results for you! Thanks to joint efforts, we are able to occupy leadership positions in the investment niche of Bitcoin trading in world’s famous exchanges! Today, you have been given the opportunity to become a member of a strong and efficient team. This means that we are on the verge of a new modernity. Together, we will build a carefree future for our generations to come and secure a comfortable retirement for ourselves.